Brief History

Community Nursing Services (CNS) is registered in Kenya as National Non-Governmental Organization under national coordination board under registration number OP.218/051/11-0453/7291.

The organization was founded in the year 2009 before its registration as a Non Governmental Organization in the year 2011. The need to accelerate community health care services to help meet the divergent health care needs in the community informed the formation and registration of CNS. The Organization was founded by three members, who had long working experience with community health programs.

The acceleration of community health is built through collaboration, the ability of the community to identify health needs and motivating them to take responsibility towards finding solutions.

Community Nursing Services is at the heart of the rural community, with various health care services, we are where no one is! We stand together with the vulnerable, to motivate them into taking a lead role in being part of the solution to different community health challenges. CNS was founded by: Daniel O. Muruka (KRCHN/DPMP) Jacinta Karimi (KRCHN/DPMP) and Francis Ouma.

Our desire was to accelerate access to health care services, promote a healthy and productive community.


Community Nursing Services is a Kenyan cooperating partner to Rotary Doctors Sweden. Since 2014, the two organization have cooperated in implementation of community health programs while cooperating also with the County Health management Teams.

Our Mission

  • Reach out to the individual community at the household level with quality health care.
  • To create synergy by forming a strong relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of community health.
  • Continually provide health information to the communities.
  • Provide affordable health care services to the rural and hard to reach areas in the community

Our Values

  • We believe that a service to humanity is a service to God.
  • Upholding humanity and recognizing the uniqueness of every individual.
  • Upholding the community as the foundation of achieving meaningful health development.
  • We believe in integrity, accountability, transparency, and equity.
  • We believe in giving a hand to the needy in the community.

Our Vision

A healthy, knowledgeable and responsible family towards their own health.

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