Celine N. Wachiyye

Address :
P.O. Box 3075-40100
Phone :
(254) 7xx xxxxxx
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Celine N. Wachiyye

Field Officer - Tranzoia

Celine is a Medical Lab Technologist and is the main Field Officer to the Tranzoia County.

The Tranzoia Projects key focus area is Community-Led Total Sanitation, Water Projects and Community Health Volunteers Training.

She represents Community Nursing services in a very big way because she is at the center of water and sanitation projects to help the community achieve sustainable flow and as we all know ‘water is life’.

The Tranzoia County has had its own share of challenges when it comes to access to basic necessities especially safe drinkable water and as a team, we conduct workshops to train community health volunteers on how to be prepared to help the community so they can sustain themselves and become self-sufficient.